Nick, Jess & Ducko standing with their wrestling coaches in wrestling ring. Nick & Ducko in nappies.

Recapping Jess’ Gender Reveal Baby Bash: Boy Or Girl?

Jess’ Big Baby Bash took place at Charlestown Square last night and it was the most EPIC gender reveal we think we’ve ever seen!

Nick & Ducko both put their bodies on the line to put on an EXHILARATING wrestling match performance, for not only Jess & Angus, but for the crowds of Novocastrians who gathered to watch.

Incredible! Incredible! Incredible!

So who took out the victory? Was it baby boy Nick or baby girl Ducko?

Nick, Jess & Ducko recap the reveal below:

Hear Jess’ FULL gender reveal journey and how it all came about:

Hear the moment Nick & Ducko first found out the sex of Jess’ baby!

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