Nick & Ducko looking surprised in front on blue and pink background.

Nick & Ducko Find Out The Sex Of Jess’ Baby!

Jess is patiently waiting for her gender reveal on June 1st to find out the sex of her baby… but Nick & Ducko ALREADY KNOW!

If you missed it, Nick & Ducko are staging a wrestling match at Charlestown Square for Jess’ gender reveal, where Nick will play a boy baby and Ducko will play a girl baby. The winner of the fight will match the gender of Jess & Angus’ little one!

This of course means that Nick & Ducko need to know the gender of the baby beforehand, so that they can practice their wrestling routine and know which one of them has to come out on top…

So this morning they found out!

Hear the moment they kicked Jess out of the studio to read the much anticipated email:

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