Ducko & Nick in studio

Hunter IVF Doctor Agrees To Test Nick & Ducko’s Sperm!

Jess has been sharing her fertility journey with us recently and has expressed her frustration with women always being the ones put under the microscope when things don’t go as planned.

So, Nick, Jess & Ducko decided to get Hunter IVF doctor Dr Andrew Hedges on the show to find out how often men are the ones with the issue and what they can do to give their swimmers a better chance.

He says that “infertility is a problem for about one in four/one in five couples” and that male factors affect “about half of them”.

With that being said, we ask Dr Hedges if he will test Nick & Ducko’s sperm… and he said YES!

Check it out below:

Want to know more about fertility? Check out the FULL CHAT with Dr Hedges below:

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