Yes, before you ask. Matt wrote a song, as Bono, to reflect the garbo strike in Perth.

Matt’s “Bono” Tribute To Perth’s Garbos

So. Worst nightmare situation with a section of Perth’s Garbologists going on strike from midnight.

It’s reported that residents in the localities of Vincent, Bayswater, Victoria Park, Kalamunda, Fremantle, South Perth and Mandurah are expected to be affected.

Yes, before you ask. Matt wrote a song. As U2’s Bono.


We came for the song, and stayed for Matt and Kymba’s accents 😉

Here are the lyrics.

Got smelly crap
That I want to hide
I put them in the red lid bin
That I keep outside
And usually they
Will take them away
But they’re on strike today

Where the streets have full bins
No one’s collecting them
Still filling them up with their stuff
No one’s picked them up
There’s old prawn heads in there
Soiled nappies too
Those streets stink like poo


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