international womens day with bec and soda including soda's sister rachel soderstrom

‘Marriage Is The Ulitmate Career Goal’ The SHOCKING Advice In 1960s Womens Book

Between ‘keeping trim’ and ‘marriage’ being the ultimate career for women, this book Woman’s World is a shocking reflection of misogynistic values we should all be aware of.

Hit Network’s Bec & Soda unpack the terrifying advice this International Women’s Day as we acknowledge how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go – in the fight for equality.

The DATED advice for women:

For this special conversation, SAFM’s Rebecca ‘Bec’ Morse trades her male co-host Mark Soderstrom for his sister Rachel.

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As a speaker for the Butterfly Foundation, she is passionate about women’s issues including supporting people living with eating disorders and body image issues.

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