Brendan Fevola in an old Jenny Craig commercial, with a screencap of Fev in studio

“I Didn’t Eat For 2 Weeks”: Dark Secrets About Jenny Craig Ambassadorship EXPOSED

Brendan Fevola isn’t holding back from revealing the dark secrets behind his ambassadorship with Jenny Craig, amidst the company’s recent appointment for voluntary administration.

Brendan Fevola reveals dark secrets about Jenny Craig ambassadorship HERE:

“I got paid some good money” Fevola begins, but it didn’t come easy.

“But for the first 6 months, you gotta lose all the weight. And then for the next year, you had to stay within 2 kilos – you got weighed every month”

“And that was without the food!”

Fellow co-host Fifi Box continues to explain the lengths Fevola had to go through during that time to meet his monthly weigh-ins.

“He would be approaching one of his weigh-ins… he would not eat for 2 weeks, he would not drink. You couldn’t even give him a glass of water:

How intense!

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