Albo and Erin need to mend fences!

The Reason Prime Minister Albanese Has Erin Molan Blacklisted

The reason Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has decided to blacklist Erin Molan was a major topic of discussion today.

Former friend of the show, Albo was once a regular on Hughesy, Ed & Erin and has recently started ignoring our interview requests.

Erin has cracked the code as to why the Prime Minister doesn’t like them anymore and it turns out it’s her fault!


Albo, we made you and we can break you.

Hughesy – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Hughesy, Ed & Erin have had a number of memorable chats with the PM leading up to his election win.

He even had a lengthy chat with the crew the day after he won, but since then it’s been crickets!

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So why the silence from Albo? Well, turns out he took a DISLIKING to an article Erin wrote in the paper.

“We used to text, in fact he used to call me when I was home from his Prime Ministerial plane,” Erin recalled.

Listen to the full audio on why Albo and Erin are at odds.

Do you think the two of them can work it out or was what Erin did unforgivable!?

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