pat rafter does big freeze slide for charity

Pat Rafter Reveals Embarrassing Fan Encounter

Could tennis legend Pat Rafter be joining OnlyFans after this embarrassing fan encounter?

The former Tennis champion made an epic entrance as he took the plunge at the annual Big Freeze slide.

The event raises money for the charity FightMND, supporting those with motor neurone disease.

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Hughesy sent Pat a congratulatory text message, crediting his work on his farm in Byron Bay for his impressive physique.

Pat responds back to Hughesy laughing, saying he was just ‘having a crack’.

Hughesy, the apparent entrepreneur, then suggests the tennis legend should sign up for the OnlyFans platform, notorious for explicit adult content.

“You could end up with a bigger compound than Hemsworth has!” Hughesy writes in a text.

Pat Rafter then replies to Hughesy that career option may be past its prime, revealing an embarrassing fan encounter he had at the Big Freeze event.

“Sure!” Pat agrees.

“Problem is that my demographic are dying off.”

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“A rather attractive young woman approached me after I did the slide,” Pat tells Hughesy over text.

“She proceeded to escort me to her grandmother who was a fan in the day.”

Hughesy didn’t let Pat’s response stop him from profiting off the lucrative business that has become OnlyFans.

“Mate! The boomers are the ones with the cash!” Hughesy replies.

“Better you get it than their grandkids.”

Pat responded with a crying laughing face emoji but Erin and Ed were more concerned with Hughesy’s suggestion the tennis champion joins the adult entertainment industry.

“What is it with you trying to get people you know to join OnlyFans?” Erin asks.

“You just want to see all of your mates nude!”

“You want Pat Rafter to send nude photos of himself to grandmothers for money?” Ed questions Hughesy.

Who knows, maybe Pat Rafter will join OnlyFans. At least he knows Hughesy will be his first subscriber.