girl rips photo of her and ex in half

Is It Ok To Keep Photos Of Your Ex?

Is it acceptable to keep photos of your ex or is it unhealthy holding onto the past? Hughesy, Ed and Erin unpack this idea.

Laura, a listener of Hughesy, Ed and Erin sent in her Text Trauma, which shocked the team with the ultimatum she was given by her date, Miley.

After what Laura believes was a successful date, it turns out the other person is horrified with the fact she kept photos of her ex partner on her social media.

“I don’t get why you still have photos of your ex,” Miley tells Laura.

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a problem.” Laura says.

Laura defends her decision by saying they were together for almost three years.

“They were a big part of my life, we went travelling together,” Laura says.

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“As soon as I’m done with someone I delete them, out of sight out of mind,” Miley says.

Laura can’t seem to understand why having photos of her ex partner on her social media and phone is such a big deal. But on the other hand, Miley can’t fathom why she would keep them, and suggests Laura isn’t over her ex.

Miley even tells Laura to ‘move on’, which Laura is hurt by, telling Miley it’s a shame she feels that way because she ‘seemed like a cool chick’.

Miley then ends the conversation by telling Laura that it’s not healthy that she held onto the photos after breaking up.

This got Hughesy, Ed and Erin talking on whether it’s acceptable to keep photos of your ex or if holding onto them is unhealthy.