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Hughesy Called Out By NRL Boss Peter V’landys

Peter V’landys joined Hughesy, Ed and Erin on a mission to help them with their Sydney single search. But he couldn’t leave without taking a jab at Hughesy first. Take a listen below!

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Hughesy and Erin went to the Sydney V Carlton AFL game as a part of their Sydney Singles search.

While Erin tried to help the single girls find eligible men at the game, Hughesy was more concerned with watching the game.

Unfortunately for him, Carlton lost the match.

Hughesy has long been a devoted Carlton fan and took the loss hard.

He still had to end up in the Sydney Swans shed to help the single girls continue to find someone special.

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Erin, who is a Sydney Swans girl, loved being down in the sheds amongst the players celebrating their huge win.

While Hughesy, was embarrassingly caught on camera trying to hide his Carlton black and white jersey under his jumper.

In a sea of red and white, Hughesy’s black and white jersey couldn’t help but to stand out.

Thinking he’d gotten away with his appearance in the opposing teams sheds while they celebrated their win, Hughesy went into the studio the next week not expecting to be called out.

But NRL Boss, Peter V’landys, who is also helping with the Sydney Single search, couldn’t let him get away with it that easily.

“At least I didn’t go to the wrong dressing shed!”