Hughesy, ed and Erins single search party with guests

Inside The WILD Sydney Singles Search Party

Hughesy, Ed and Erin’s Sydney Singles Search Party happened last night and this is every WILD moment you missed!

The Sydney Single Search Party kicks off at The Establishment Bar, with some of our stunning single female listeners ready to find love.

“If something happens it happens. It’s about the journey!” One single female listener tells Hughesy.

The venue is packed with eligible singles looking for their future partner, or just a great night out!

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Hughesy and Erin scope out the crowd, noticing people who were making a connection and helping others on the pursuit of romance.

Hughesy is impressed with one single in particular, Josh, who won his spot on the coveted line up by calling in on last week’s show.

“Why aren’t you wearing your name tag?” Hughesy questions Josh.

“I just want people to come up and ask me for my name,” he says.

“It’s a good conversation starter, a good ice breaker.”

Josh brought along his best mate Jayden, who is also single and the ultimate wingman for his mate.

“I’ve seen this man play – on the dance floor and the forward pack. Mate, he’s great.” Jayden says.

If we weren’t spoilt enough at The Establishment, Aussie actor Samuel Johnson stops by to scope out our singles night.

“I tell you what, this place is cooking Hughesy.” Samuel gushes.

To the actors surprise though, a long time fan of his admits she’s had a crush on him for 15 years!

“Ever since The Secret Life Of Us!” Brooke tells Hughesy.

Erin and Hughesy make their way around the room, asking everyone how they’re feeling about the other singles at the event.

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One of our competition winners Luke tells Hughesy here’s here for love, which by the look on his face and the glimmer in his eyes, he means it!

But his best mate Jay only had eyes for one woman.

“Jeez, Erin’s looking good tonight!” Jay admits to Hughesy.

Before the singles crowd knew it, the night would be heating up in ways they didn’t think were possible!

Hughesy, Ed and Erin have a huge surprise – a massive party bus waiting out the front of the venue to take them to The State of Origin.

Oh and of course, onboard are the best male strippers in Sydney, courtesy of Magic Men Syd!

We can’t reveal exactly what went down after that because we’re adhering to the old rule, what happens on the bus stays on the bus.

But if you’re curious for a sneak peek, check out our socials at HughesyEdandErin.

We can reveal the night was a success, with not one, not two but three matches during the night!

We will keep following up with the singles who scored dates with each other to find out if Hughesy, Ed and Erin will be invited to any weddings soon.