Larry Endure and erin molan

How Larry Emdur Saved Erin Molan’s Life

Larry Emdur came to the rescue of a stranded Erin Molan and her daughter Eliza by a chance encounter.

Larry tells Hughesy and Ed how Erin Molan resembled an emaciated Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway when he spotted her on the side of the road yesterday afternoon.

He then heroically pulls an ‘illegal’ u-turn and went back to check if Erin is okay.

She could hardly talk,Larry says.

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“She hadn’t had anything to eat in three or four minutes!” Larry jokes to Hughesy and Ed.

What Larry initially believes to be a distressed woman walking in circles, stranded with her young daughter in tow, actually turns out to be none other than Erin Molan playing the classic game of duck-duck goose with Eliza.

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But it was a good thing Larry ends up pulling over because he realised Erin‘s daughter Eliza had accidentally locked herself out of her car, with the keys to her house and her phone trapped inside the car.

Thankfully, Eliza wasn’t locked inside the car.

“I’m in the media,” Larry laughs.

“I’m an essential service.”

Larry, luckily has a bottle of whisky on hand, which was meant for a friend, but he tells Hughesy and Ed, it looked like Erin needed it a lot more.

Mr Emdur is now a local hero, having saved Erin Molan!