How Hughesy Ruined Dr. Harry and Sonia Kruger’s Moment

Here’s how Hughesy ruined a NEAR beautiful moment between Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger and Aussie TV legend Dr. Harry Cooper.

It started with a poem and ended with a literal BANG.


The bottle of Moet and Chandon just EXPLODED between Hughesy’s legs.

Sonia Kruger – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

The Hughesy, Ed & Erin Logies Recovery Party was in full swing at The Star Sydney.

Guests were coming in and out as fast as you could ever imagine.

The likes of Dr. Harry Cooper, Amy Shark, Waleed Aly and that’s just to name a few all popped their heads in for a chat.

To top it all off, the Golden Logie winner dropped in for the final chat of the after party!

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Earlier in the show, Dr. Harry Cooper shared with us a “bush poem” he’d written for the Onya Sonia Golden Logie Campaign.

It was a lovely moment, and one that we were stoked to share with Sonia on air.

Only for Hughesy to absolutely butcher that moment live on air the only way he knows how.

Watch and listen to the hilarious and chaotic moment above!

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