Erin Molan confronts Pete Murray

Erin Confronts Pete Murray With Humiliating Interview Incident

Erin confronts Pete Murray about an old interview that she still cringes at.

If she had this moment over, there’s no doubt she’d do things VERY differently


I was new, I was trying to impress and I was nervous.

Erin Molan – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Erin recalls her days at WIN TV well, the place where she cut her teeth as a young television personality.

Despite the fact that those days are filled with great memories, there’s also some tough ones.

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As a young woman in the industry there’s bound to be a learning moment or two.

So when Erin got the chance to interview Pete Murray at the height of his popularity, there was no telling it would get so AWKWARD.

Listen to the full moment above as Pete reacts to the moment 20 years on.

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