Dave hughes strapped to lie detector machine

Can You Trick A Lie Detector?

Our expert analyst Charles Rahim has been in the business of identifying liars with a polygraph machine for over 25 years.

Charles reveals to Hughesy, Ed and Erin the tell tale signs of liars and the lengths they’ve taken to fool his machine.

The certified polygraph examiner spends time in court rooms, dealing with high profile cases by providing scientific evidence of lying.

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Charles says people try to beat the machine all the time by googling tricks online.

But the expert tells Hughesy, Ed and Erin the tactics never work.

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“We study counter measures every week.”

Out of the hundreds of couples Charles has tested to prove whether one of them is cheating, he reveals it’s mostly men who are lying and women who are telling the truth.

“Usually, 8 times out of ten, men are cheating.” Charles says.

Charles tested Hughesy and Erin on his machine and asked them a series of personal questions.

Much to their shock, their true answers were revealed.

To find out what they were, be listening to Hughesy, Ed and Erin every morning as we unveil the results of a new secret every day.