Erin Molan gets salmon sperm treatment

Erin Molan Gets Salmon SPERM Injected Into Her Face

In a drastic beauty treatment, Erin Molan gets Salmon sperm injected into her face and neck.

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The injections are apparently a fantastic aesthetic treatment, harnessing the ‘bio-revitalising‘ powers of salmon DNA obtained from sperm cells!

The treatment is supposed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and according to Erin, it works!

“I looked twelve!” Erin says.

The non invasive procedure has only become available in Australia since the beginning of this year.

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Eager to see the results for herself, Erin hopped on the treatment table.

But it was the after effects that shocked her the most.

Large, bulbous red bumps appeared around her eyes, face and neck and took around 4-5 days to disappear.

But Erin tells Hughesy and Ed the treatment made her face look incredible and reduced the appearance of wrinkles.

Would you do something as drastic as this in the name of beauty?