foley artist Saana Kelly

How Do You Create Movie Magic? It’s All In The Sound! Meet Foley Artist Saana Kelly

Ever wondered how fight scenes in movies sound so dramatic?

Bec & Soda speak with Saana Kelley about this process and What It’s Like To Be A Foley Artist!


Saana Kelley is the owner of Reel Foley Sound where she has a team of Foley Artists and Foley Mixers to bring the sound of cinema to life! 

She has 27 years experience and handful of major nominations for her work on projects including Ted Lasso, The Walking Dead, The Right Stuff

In just one year, Saana Kelley has also grown her TikTok account to 2.8 million followers!

Rebecca ‘Bec’ Morse and Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom even test out a foley sound trick that is used in pranks online on Instagram!

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