What Happens To Our Metabolism As We Age According To A Longevity Expert

Would you like to lead a healthier life and add years to your lifespan?

Joining Sarah Grynberg on A Life Of Greatness this week is Dr Peter Attia, a physician focused on the applied science of longevity, extending human life, and improving wellbeing. Peter is a graduate of Stanford University’s School of Medicine, a New York Times bestselling author and podcast host, aiming to help prevent chronic diseases and to support people to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

In this episode they discuss the importance of emotional well-being for overall health, the essential roles of exercise and nutrition, how to navigate perimenopauseand meniopause, and the data that projects a long, healthy life.

Attia also reveal his thoughts on what actually happens to our metabolism as we age.

Listen to find out right now: