Bec and Soda pictured with stunning home lottery home in malvern

Bec & Soda’s Emotional Call To The $4 Million Home Lottery Grand Prize Winner

Thousands of people buy tickets to the Hospital Research Foundation Group Home Lottery…and with a $4 Million Grand Prize, you can understand why!

Bec & Soda call Michelle of Moonta Bay who was ‘speechless’ about the impact it will have on her family.

Who won the Home Lottery Grand Prize in Malvern?

Michelle was so in shock that she thought Bec & Soda were pranking her!

“This is life-changing,” Michelle said.

“You don’t know how much this means to all of us.”

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Between this fully-furnished Scott Salisbury home and the $200,000 in cash…this is an opportunity that could change any family’s life.

There are 13,000 winners names set to be published on the Home Lottery website, keep your eye on it, it could be you!

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