Brendan Fevola in studio, with a gross face emoji and shower emoji

Brendan Fevola Reveals FILTHY Shower Habit & You’ve Probably Done It Once Too

Fifi, Fev & Nick’s Brendan Fevola has self-confessed “been caught in the shower doing something [he] shouldn’t have” by his partner Alex Fevola, revealing a disgusting showering practice. But let’s be honest, you’ve probably done something similar too, right?

Listen to Fev’s filthy shower habit HERE:

“I ordered some pizzas because it’s World Pizza Day” Fevola begins.

“I went in the shower… and took my pizza in the shower and ate my pizza”

Alex comes in and I got a big piece of Supreme in my mouthshe says ‘you can’t eat in the shower, you’re such a pig!'”

“I drink beer in the shower, why can’t I eat in the shower?”

“I eat it in the shower, then I wash my hands straight away. Two birds, one stone baby!”

He has a point… but no.

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