“The Next Thing I Knew I Woke Up Approximately 2 Weeks Later In ICU” Gold Coaster Georgia’s Heartbreaking Story

“she will potentially die on the table or come out a vegetable”

SeaFM’s Bianca, Ben and Lakey have a special guest on the show today, Gold Coast local Georgia Kidd. Georgia is a mum of 3 who has had a “very challenging start to the year”. One random Saturday afternoon she had a “very serious stroke” at the young age of 39. She had no signs or symptoms and the next thing she knew she “woke up approximately 2 weeks later in ICU”.

Unfortunately for Georgia, the nightmare doesn’t stop there, since waking up in ICU she found out that the surgeons could only retrieve 50% of the blood clot which has left Georgia with a part of her skull cut away and still missing.

“I wasn’t meant to get up and walk again” 

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