Daniel Suelo the man who quit money

From Society To Solitude: Daniel Suelo Quit Money And Lived In A Cave For 15 Years

Meet Daniel ‘Suelo’ Shellabarger, a man who gave up everything to live in a cave without money, and the comforts of modern life.

In this episode of What It’s Like To, Bec & Soda discover what lead to his decision to make foraging and hitch-hiking his life full-time. 


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Daniel’s journey began hitchhiking through Pennsylvania in 2000, where he gave up his last $30 and considered taking his life.

“As I grew older, I thought about other religions and the one thing they had in common was the idea of giving up possessions and money,” Daniel said.

“It was for my own spiritual well being as well as wanting to live with good conscience in the world.”

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