Jeremy Evans was mauled by a bear. He tells the tale on Bec & Soda

How ‘Baby Shark’ Gave Jeremy Evans The Strength To Survive A Grizzly Bear Attack

Jeremy Evans was on a solo trip in the Alberta mountains when he was Mauled by a grizzly bear protecting her cub.

He shares this harrowing story on Bec & Soda, including how the kids song ‘Baby Shark’ gave him the strength to survive.

Jeremy Evans on ‘Baby Shark’ and getting back to his family:

CONTENT WARNING: The full interview and conversation includes graphic descriptions and themes of death and suicide and may distress some listeners.

FULL INTERVIEW with Jeremy Evans:

While on this solo hunting trip in 2017, Jeremy suffered massive injuries, with his scalp and face destroyed and his tendons on his leg fully severed.

What gave him the strength to push on was hearing his daughter’s favourite nursery rhyme on his phone.

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“I pulled out my phone to send a goodbye message to my wife, to say you know, I tried,” Jeremy said.

“and I went to go play some music to relax me,” he said.

“The song I played the night before for my daughter, putting her to bed, her favourite nursery rhyme was Baby Shark.”

Jeremy’s story is equal parts horrifying and astounding – he details the entire experience in his book Mauled available now.

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