Why You Should Look Forward To Your Period

Every month, menstruating women are surprised by their PMS symptoms. They’re moody, they have less energy, they want to eat more and do less. They think “why is this so hard”…when a week earlier, it was so easy. This is part of the normal cycle women experience every month, but because we don’t talk about our menstrual cycles, we don’t realise that every other woman is experiencing the *exact* same thing as us.

“You can track your cycle and you can do all sorts of things with it. You can use it to be an elite athlete or an artist or a politician or whatever it is that you want to do, but if nothing else, just use it to be nice to yourself”

Lucy Peach is a period preacher who wants to help you make the most of your menstrual cycle. We have approximately 400 periods throughout our lives. Instead of dreading them, we can plan for them, use them to our advantage and even look forward.

Listen below to learn how you can use your period as a super power.