Hughesy got a shock result!

Hughesy Gets Shock Result From Anti-Ageing Treatment

Hughesy gets the fright of his young life after further anti-ageing treatment gets a crazy result!

Hughesy’s been using the Face App to give himself updates on how old he looks.

After successfully de-ageing himself a year last week, he took another drastic step over the weekend.


The last check I did on the FaceApp, I got my actual age of 52.

Hughesy – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

After the Face App revealed that he looked a year older than he actually is, Hughesy tested out the Wrinkle Sminkle.

The Wrinkle Sminkle treatment (see video below) took one year off the Face App result!

Over the weekend, Hughesy’s wife Holly treated him to a face mask and oil treatment to strike a better result come Monday.

With a fresh result after a face mask treatment, was Hughesy successful in his anti-ageing mission?

Listen to the full audio above and hear his shock result!

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Hughes’s face mask treatment