Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes Responds To Her S**-Ed Book Haters With These Two Words

In case you’ve missed all of the goss surrounding the recent release of an Australian sex-education book, we are here to fill you in! 

Written by Yumi Styne and Dr Melissa Kang, the book ‘Welcome To Sex’ is an introduction to sex for children aged between 10 and 15 and has garnered a whole lot of negative attention from raging Karens who believe the book to be too explicit. 

People are so p*ssed off in fact, that author Yumi Stynes has been copping death threats. 

Yumi joins Abbie to chat about the controversial book, breaking down why the content of the book is p*ssing people off so much and how she’s been coping with all of the backlash. 

“It was very triggering… I called Meshel Laurie. I called Chrissie Swan and said: waa waa,” Yumi said.

Yumi explains that the book steps outside of the traditional sex-education kids receive at school and touches on (pun not intended) the nuances of modern-day sex such as fingering and tonguing. 

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“A parent might turn to an absolute column of stone when their child asks them that question, other parents would be fine but you know it’s all variable,” she said. 

“It’s like having something where the parent who’s frozen can say, oh, actually I’ve got something that can help us talk about what you’re asking me and I can give you a frank and real science based answer.” 

In this episode of It’s A lot, Abbie and Yumi dive into the mountains of sh** ‘Welcome To Sex’ has been copping and break down why it’s important for our children to have a real and contemporary understanding of sex.  

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