Sonia Kruger on the champagne carpet at Oscars 2023

Why Sonia Kruger ‘Jumped The Fence’ At The Oscars

Sonia Kruger knows what it takes to get the best A-list interviews on the biggest night in Hollywood – The Oscars. So much so, she made headlines and a lot of harsh death stares when she decided to escape the ‘pig pen’ and jump the fence to mingle on the champagne carpet.

Sonia spoke to Fifi, Fev & Nick live from LA to explain why she chose to break the rules on Hollywood’s biggest night. Also see The Oscar’s Performance Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About!

Sonia Kruger on why she jumped the fence here:

“Apparently, somehow or rather, we got some extension. And it was like ‘Oh my god, this isn’t some uni assignment…” Sonia shared, live from LA.

“Everyone else in the ‘pig pen’, they were giving us EVILS.”

Then Sonia explained why changing the 62-year tradition of the red carpet was difficult for reporters.

“We’ve had decades of saying ‘the red carpet’, so it’s really hard to switch…”

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