Meshel Laurie

Why Meshel Laurie Wants Celebs To Cut The BS Around Their Weight Loss

Aussies will know broadcaster and comedian Meshel Laurie as a force in Australian media who is not afraid to speak her mind. 

Most recently, Meshel has dipped her toes into the world of podcasting hosting Can We Be Real? where she touches on all things hilarious, tough and taboo. 

On this episode of The Jess Rowe Talk Show, Meshel sits down with Jess for a candid chat about childhood trauma, Buddhism and her body. 

Meshel Laurie “It was just devastating, it was very very traumatic”

Meshel opens up about her weight loss journey, telling Jess why it’s important celebrities don’t mislead the public when it comes to body transformations. 

“I just think when you are really overweight and, oh, probably even not really, really overweight, but when you can’t lose weight, it’s so, and I would imagine it’s the same when you can’t gain weight – it’s so demoralizing, frustrating when you’re seeing other people do it and you are trying everything and it’s not working,” she said. 

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To see somebody who’s incredibly successful like loses a ton of weight and they won’t say how they did it or they’ve got some bullshit answer about what how they did it.

Meshel Laurie

“I think it’s mean because I know the shame again, the shame of not being able to lose weight, the embarrassment of it all. Remember Courtney Love, Courtney Love once said a million years ago that she lost weight by giving up cheese.”

Meshel reveals how she has taken control of her weight loss narrative and why she felt it was important that her own transformation not become another weight loss secret. 

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