“We Had Both Agreed To Be There For Clout” Adam Reveals His Pact With MAFS Wife Janelle

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was HEATED! The question everyone was asking is, how is Adam going to respond to the cheating scandal with Claire?

If you missed the episode don’t stress because Mike E & Emma get the goss from the man himself. Adam joins the show to explain what really went down at the dinner party last night. He straight away defends himself by saying that kissing is only cheating if you are in a “committed relationship” and that his vows were for “what I thought was going to be the women of my dreams” then saying that he “soon found out that wasn’t the case”.

Adam reveals that they both wanted to leave the experiment, but Janelle convinced him to stay because she didn’t want to be the first couple to leave, saying that no one remembers the first couple to leave. Exposing that the couple made a pact with each other and Adam said “We Had Both Agreed To Be There For Clout”.

Listen to the full interview here:

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