The Bold Type’s Aisha Dee Talks About The “Cleo Nooo” H2O Craze In America 

Image: Freeform

Aisha Dee is best know for her role of Kat Edison in hit show The Bold Type, but if you’re an OG fan, you’ll know the Aussie actress as Desi Biggins in The Saddle Club. One show she was never in however is, H2O: Just Add Water.

But this hasn’t stopped Aisha’s U.S. friends from taunting her with the “Cleo no!” (or “cLeO nAuur”) quote that’s become so popular on TikTok; particular with Americans trying to impersonate Australians.

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Speaking with Matt & Alex – All Day Breakfast about her new show Safe Space on SBS, Aisha also chatted to the boys about the nostalgic resurgence of Aussie TV shows on TikTok.

Take a listen:

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