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Cops And Screaming Interrupt Ted Lasso Interview

It’s the show the world cannot stop talking about and as the 3rd and final season of Ted Lasso drops on Apple TV+, the laughs still keep coming.

Entertainment Reporter and the host of The Streaming Service, Justin Hill, caught up with star and co-creator of the show Brendan Hunt who plays Coach Beard in the comedy series until their chat is interrupted by none other than the COPS!

Listen below…

Ted Lasso Star Brendan Hunt

“Thank you for your nails, Justin, Ted would have loved those” Brendan said mid-interview, referencing Justin’s painted nails as he turns to his crew and shouts “when we do this all again tomorrow, let’s get these nails painted” ramping up the laughs in the chat.

Ted Lasso is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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