Trailblazer Hannah Diviney Talks About Her Deeply Personal Memoir

Matt and Alex are excited to talk to actor, leading writer, disability and women’s rights advocate, and recently published author, Hannah Diviney. Hannah says she is “really lucky to be doing what I do” with her brand-new book I’ll Let Myself In which talks about her life and being born with Cerebral Palsy which she explains as “a physical disability which I have had since birth and will have for my entire life, and, basically it effects, my fine and gross motors skills”.

Hannah says when she was born the doctor told her parents that she would “never walk, talk or feed [her]self”. However, 24 years later Hannah defines the odds and publishes a book about herself and how she lives with cerebral palsy while being the trailblazer everyone knows and loves. 

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Listen to the full chat here: 

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