Christian and Nat

This New Personality Test Had Christian Absolutely Cackling

There are a lot of random TikTok trends out there but this latest one is apparently terrifyingly accurate.

The TikTok personality test is sweeping the internet and naturally, we thought it necessary to get Christian to have a crack. 

The test in question requires you to answer four questions with two adjectives per question. 

What’s A Little Nude Photo Between Colleagues?

We immediately knew this was going to be hard when we realised that Christian had no idea what an adjective actually is BUT, once we overcame that hurdle, the test commenced and it was nothing short of hilarious. 

The first question is “what is your favourite animal”, to which Christian gave us the most random answer ever. 

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“I would say a dugong or sea-cow?” Christian said. 

The reason for the what first seemed like an innocent question, had us all absolutely CACKLING. 

“Oh, sh*t a brick!” 

“I just don’t even need the next question. God, that was amazing,” Nat said. 

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