This Aphrodisiac Is Guaranteed To Get You Hot & Bothered

Aphrodisiacs – how much do we actually know about them? Better yet… do they actually work?

An aphrodisiac is a drink, sense or drug that has the potential to incite sexual desire in a person. Some commonly used aphrodisiacs include dark chocolate, champagne and strawberries; some less common rumoured aphrodisiacs include figs, Ginseng and saffron. 

While these products are consumed regularly, especially chocolate which sells billions of kilos every Valentine’s Day, do they actually enhance sexual desire? 

Surprisingly, there is a lack of scientific evidence surrounding the effectiveness of these aphrodisiacs, but of the small amount of research out there, it has been indicated that certain substances can cause chemical reactions resulting in higher sexual satisfaction. 

How does this work? Well, apparently it all comes down to hormones – testosterone in particular. When a person’s testosterone levels are just right, a sensory stimulant sends a signal from the brain’s limbic lobe through to the central nervous system in the pelvic region, which causes blood vessels to dilate, creating a pleasant throbbing sensation. 

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Food has not been confirmed to trigger this sensation, however, certain food items can help to relax the blood vessels to allow the blood to flow to your nether regions much easier. Some of these foods include red wine, dark chocolate, strawberries and avocado; these foods could also have little to no impact on someone with normal blood circulation. 

While these foods have no guaranteed impact on the consumer, there is one substance that is almost guaranteed to increase your sexual desire – alcohol. Alcohol triggers arousal by lowering inhibitions but can also lead to a very mediocre sexual experience. 

Cosmos Magazine science journalist Evrim Yazgin takes us through the awkward and interesting science behind aphrodisiacs, explaining which ones are more likely to get you hot and bothered and which of these aphrodisiacs are likely old wives’ tales. 

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