Brogen and Molly

The FBOY Finale Twist Just Got More Wild After Filming Finished

So, the finale of FBOY Island has officially aired and we are still REELING from the absolutely wild plot twist. 

If you still haven’t found time to watch the finale, consider this your disclaimer – SPOILERS AHEAD!

One of the show’s three girls Molly, was forced to pick between FBOY Vernon and self-proclaimed nice guy Nick and to help aid in that decision, Vernon’s ex-girlfriend Brogen (who he was rumoured to have broken up with to be on the show BTW) was invited on the season finale to expose Vernon for all of his bulls*** – because who doesn’t love a bit of chaos? 

“No Hard Feeling, Right? FBOY Island Finale Twist Gets Even More Hectic with Molly and Brogen

Now if you thought that twist was wild, BOIL THE KETTLE because we are about to spill some seriously hot tea. 

Molly and Brogen both join Abbie on this episode of It’s A Lot to dish the dirt on Vernon… a.k.a Brody. Confused? So, are we. 

Brogen details how she first met Vernon at a nightclub, where he gave her the classic “you’re not like other girls” shtick. 

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“He kind of came up to me, was talking my ear off about how amazing I was. My smile was the most beautiful smile he’s ever seen in his life. Like, I’m just.. I’m not like any other girl he’s met before, blah, blah, blah,” Brogen said. 

Abbie calls out the cringeworthy line as an immediate “red flag” before Brogen reveals that he actually introduced himself to her as Brody.

So, who TF is this guy? 

Molly tells Abbie whether she knew about his alter ego as the girls unravel Vernon’s complicated web of lies and more importantly, we find out whether Vernon’s actually as good at eating p***y as he straight up brags to be. 

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