The Block Houses- Will They Sell?!

It’s one of Australia’s biggest shows but if last season of The Block is anything to go by, we’re in for very unpredictable set of auctions.



The Block 2011: Polly and Waz

Season 4 of The Block saw the worst result in the show’s history with only one house selling at auction.

RESERVE: $840,000

SALE: $855,000

PROFIT: $15,000 (+$100,000 winner)

The Block 2014: Darren and Deanne

RESERVE: $1,370,000

SALE: $1,380,000

PROFIT: $10,000

The Block 2014: Michael and Carlene

RESERVE: $1,380,000

SALE: $1,390,000

PROFIT: $10,000

Top Three Highest Profits:

The Block 2022: Omar and Oz

Although this is the biggest sale in the history of The Block, this season also saw three houses pass in and one house make a minimal profit of $20,000.

RESERVE: $4,080,000

SALE: $5,666,666.66

PROFIT: $1.586,666.66 + $100,000 winnings

The Block 2020: Jimmy and Tam

A scandalous ending to an exciting auction saw Jimmy and Tam’s buyer unable to make a deposit resulting in the house having to go back on the market. Jimmy and Tam were still crowned winners of the season.

RESERVE: $3,290,000

SALE: $4,256,000

PROFIT: $966,000 + $100,000 winnings

The Block 2015: Darren and Deanne

RESERVE: $1,455,000

SALE: $2,290,000

PROFIT: $835,000 + $100,000 winnings

So how do we think this years auctions will pan out?

Will it beat last years biggest sale ever or will the cost of living crisis impact the auctions?

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