The Bachelor’s Osher Günsberg: “My Entire Career Is On The Line”

He may be one of Australia’s most accomplished television presenters, but Osher Günsberg isn’t exempt from self-doubt.

Chatting with Charlie Clausen for the latest episode of the FOFOP podcast, The Bachelor(s) and Masked Singer host detailed the fears he faces while undertaking his latest endeavour.

Since the start of 2023, Günsberg has been touring his Night Time News Network National Nightly News (NTNNNNN) show; a live, improvised performance which sees him recapping news highlights from the previous 24 hours.

While Günsberg conducts each performance in jest, he is well aware that ‘saying the wrong thing about the wrong person’ could have some serious consequences.

Find out what he had to say:

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What/who/why is FOFOP?

In 2010, Charlie Clausen (Blue Heelers / Home and Away) and Wil Anderson (The Gruen Transfer) started one of Australia’s first podcasts: TOFOP (shorthand for Thirty Odd Foot Of Podcast).

The series very quickly (and somewhat unexpectedly) became Australia’s #1 podcast with medical professionals, though you definitely don’t need a PhD to enjoy two mates being mates.

When filming commitments prevented Charlie from recording the podcast in 2012, Wil continued the series as FOFOP (Faux-FOP), which saw him being joined by a series of ‘Guest Charlies’.

While Charlie and Wil have since continued to produce weekly episodes of TOFOP, FOFOP has remained as a constant outlet for the boys to talk (just not with each other).