Taylor Swift’s “Really Weird” Number 13 Conspiracy Means The Chiefs Will Win The Super Bowl

As most Swifties know, the number 13 has been a significant part of Taylor Swift‘s life for years.

But it is the wild numerology connection to the number 13 that has Swifties believing her boyfriend, Travis Kelce‘s Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.

And what is 4 + 9…? THIRTEEN!!!!!!!


“The significance of the number 13 on my hand… I paint this on my hand before every show because 13 is my lucky number; for a lot of reasons,” she explained in a 2009 interview with MTV. “It’s really weird.”

Coming to Australia next month, the singer has weaved the number 13 into her music career for years using the number in cryptic ways.

For example, her song “The Lucky One” is the 13th track on her album Red (Taylor’s Version). It has a 13-second introduction and the word “lucky” is sung 13 times.

“Super Bowl 58 will be Taylor Swifts 13th game to attend,” a user commented on Twitter.

“She will have to take a 13 hour flight from Japan… Super Bowl 58, 5 + 8 = 13!!! (Chiefs) will win it all!!!!” ” another said.

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