Osher and Abbie

Osher Has A “Crush” On One Of The Bachies From The Upcoming Season

It feels like time has flown by since our last season of The Bachelor, where we saw the producers spice s**t up by introducing the ladies to three possible suitors. 

As predicted, all hell broke loose and there was no shortage of drama, romance, tears and a bit more drama. 

Well, clearly all of the ingredients they used for the last season made for one delicious batch of bachie (see what I did there?), because the next season is currently filming in Melbourne, and we again have three eligible bachelors up for grabs. 

“If You Like My Titties In This Dress, Vote For Osher Günsberg”

On this episode of It’s A Lot, The Bachelor whisperer Osher Günsberg joins Abbie to dish some deets on the upcoming season. 

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According to Osher, the next season’s calibre of men is next level with Osh even admitting to having a little crush. 

“All I can tell you is that these three men are so delightful. One of them, I have a massive crush on,” Osher said. 

“The ex-footy player. He’s just such the most lovely – he’s the most lovely man.” 

Osher reveals to Abbie whether we can expect the same amount of drama as last season and why this season looks like it will be WAYYY more romantic. 

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