actress mia goth as maxine minx

Everything You Need To Know Before Seeing The New MaXXXine Movie

If you’re a fan of the slasher action film X and the second movie in the universe, Pearl… then get ready for the third film to hit cinemas in a blaze of hairspray and iconic 80’s style… MaXXXine!

Starring Mia Goth in the role of Maxine Minx, as well as Aussie actress Elizabeth Debicki, Halsey, Lilly Collins and more, this movie rounds out the series with all of the bloody, script flipping moments we’ve come to love and expect.

Do I need to have seen all of the films in the X series to watch MaXXXine?

We’d recommend you check out X before seeing MaXXXine as this film serves as a direct sequel to the first movie. While Pearl is technically a prequel, it’s also worth watching this to give you a nice rounded view of the incredible universe Ti West has created.

What is MaXXXine about?

MaXXXine follows the continuing journey of Mia Goth’s character Maxine Minx who we met in X. After surviving the horror of an adult film shoot turn massacre, Maxine is doing her best to live by her father’s words of “I will not accept a life I don’t deserve”… but her own interpretation of what that means. As she attempts to leave that part of her life behind, some shady characters are lurking in the shadows threatening to ruin her new career as an actress on the big screen after she secures a role in a horror movie that will see her become the next ‘scream queen’.

When is MaXXXine set?

Set in the iconic era of 1985, MaXXXine gives you everything you want to hear, see and almost smell from this tale. From the big hair to the convertible cars, flashing neon signs and so many stars on the rise, but not all of them making it, 1985 was also the era of the infamous Night Stalker murders and this story is dropped smack bang in the middle of it. You’ll spend most of the film anticipating who will jump out of the shadows BUT if they’re going up against adult film star turn future silver screen name in lights Maxine, then they’ve got a thing or two coming!

Check out MaXXXine when it arrives in cinemas on July 11!

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