“Lots Of Lycra, Lots Of Hot Bodies,” Liz Ellis Spills All On Gladiators’ Return

Liz Ellis has spilled the tea on one of the most iconic sports entertainment gameshows making it’s return to Aussie screens tonight, Gladiators.


Ellis lines up with Beau Ryan to host the charge of Hollywood stuntwomen, CrossFit Games athletes, Bodybuilders, UFC mixed martial artists, ex-NRL players, and Ironman Jett Kenny.

“We decided to call the Gladiators by their Gladiator names, rather than the names their parents gave them,” Ellis said.

“In the first few days they were a bit embarrassed… by the end of it, they owned it!”

“Don’t call me Jett Kenny, my name is Viking” she joked.

Gladiators will make a triumphant return to Australian screens tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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