Ronald Gladden on Zoom with screencap of Jury Duty poster

Jury Duty’s Ronald Gladden Reveals Wild Measures Production Took To Keep The Secret

Prime Video’s hit reality show Jury Duty is taking the streaming world by storm. Twelve jurors are part of a court case, however eleven of them are actors except for one star-of-the-show juror #6 Ronald Gladden.

He joined Fifi, Fev & Nick revealing the covert measures the TV production had to take during his audition process to keep the ‘secret’ from him.

Ronald Gladden On How Production Kept The Secret:

“I was prepped from the beginning… production let me know the entire time ‘you could potentially get all the way through this interview process, and then still not be selected to be on the jury”

“They actually had decoy jurors that – told me, responded to the same ad, they showed up… that really added to the realism”

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“The whole thing was sold to me that ‘we’re just doing a documentary”

Well, the efforts from the production team definitely paid off!

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