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Vampire Diaries Stars Reveal What Weird On-Set Item Left Them Scarred

It was the show with the sexiest vampires ever and now Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesely have opened up about their time, in particular, season 1 shooting Vampire Diaries and what item from the set left them with ANXIETY!

Hear all about it below…

Vampire Diaries: Stars Reveal Post-Show Trauma

That’s… not what we expected lol. But glad to see they got over it! You can check out Vampire Diaries on Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV and Stan now.

Did you hear what Keanu Reeves said recently that has sent fans into a tailspin hinting another Speed movie is coming? Get the details below!

A Speed Sequel With Keanu Reeves?! 

You might be excited to hear that the beautiful Pixar movie Up is getting a sequel, find out where and when you can watch it here.

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