Jack Kruse Reveals The Secret To Living a Healthier Longer Life

Jack Kruse is a man of many talents; recognised as a renowned neurosurgeon, author and a key figure the world of health optimization and biohacking. 

So, what exactly is biohacking? 

Biohacking refers to changing your body’s chemistry and physiology by way of self-experimentation and science which can potentially boost vitality and energy levels. 

Dr Jack Kruse: These Are The Secrets To Living a Healthier Longer Life

Now dedicating his time to better understanding the human body, Jack pushes the boundaries of well-being and performance to help people to access better versions of themselves. 

In this episode of A Life Of Greatness, Jack explains how light, water and magnesium can have an impact on your overall health – particularly the high consumption of blue light. 

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“It turns out if you’re in blue light or you check your phone or you’re watching TV or whatever crazy stuff you guys like to do in Australia, it turns out the light at night actually can also ruin melanogenesis,” Jack said. 

In this chat with Sarah, Jack serves up a bunch of scientific health recommendations to help us live longer and get the most of everyday without jeopardising our health.

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