Erin suffered an injury

Erin Molan Suffers Injury On The Way To News Break

Erin Molan suffered an injury that ruled her out of news and Alphabucks this morning.

There’s fresh News studios at the SCA Sydney office and we’ve now seen our first injury proper inside one of them.

In front of the entire news team, Erin fell victim to the door of the news studio!


I think it’s a compound fracture

Erin Molan – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Hughesy, Ed & Erin were joined by a member of the news team who detailed the incident.

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“We hear profanities, we hear a scream, we turn around and I see Erin in the fetal position,” Said Maddie from the news team.

It would soon turn into a request for workers compensation and a consult from Dr. Andrew Rochford.

Erin sustained an injury on the way to the news booth.

Take a listen to how it all went down and catch up with the podcast to get an official Doctor’s report.

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