Consistency Over Perfection: James Clear’s Philosophy on Sustainable Habits

Joining Sarah Grynberg is personal development, habits, and performance thought leader, James Clear, who is the author of ground-breaking number-one New York Times bestselling book, Atomic Habits.

In this mind-blowing conversation, James and Sarah discuss the fact that habits can be based in a person’s identity, and how a person can actively design and direct their habits, rather than being at the mercy of them. They also cover the ways in which small habits can make a profound positive impact on, and difference to an individual, how to break free from negative patterns in order to achieve goals, and that prioritising consistency rather than intensity is key in establishing habits and a routine that lasts the distance.

If you are seeking some actionable insights to help improve your life and the lives of others, let this episode show you that sustained success is possible with gradual, gentle integration of daily rituals.

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