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Christian Launches Hilarious New Segment: “Things That Piss Us Off”

Have you ever wandered into someone else’s kitchen looking for a tea towel and have automatically opened the third drawer – and low and behold… it’s right where you thought it would be? 

COOL, because you are totally not alone (which makes us feel less alone). But why TF do we automatically put our cutlery in the first drawer, utensils in the second and glad wrap and tea towels in the third? Weird right? 

“I have a question. Who determined that the cutlery drawer was at the top in the drawers, in the kitchen? They’re all the same, no matter what house, might even be a hotel you go to but it’s just the same,” Christian said.

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What REALLY Pisses Me Off & Inspection Nightmares

Super random but we’re betting it’s a question you’d love answered so in this episode of Complete Drivel, we launch a full and utterly ridiculous investigation into why we automatically throw our s**t in specific drawers and cupboards. 

Christian also announces a hilarious new segment that rivals that of Peter Griffin’s ‘What Really Grinds My Gears’ where we talk about “things that piss us off” and trust us when we say, there’s a long list of s**t that really pisses us off. 

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