MAFS Shannon & Caitlin in a tense conversation

Caitlin From MAFS Basically Admits She Leaves The Experiment

So last night’s episode of MAFS was WILD! Caitlin’s husband Shannon admitted that he was STILL in love with his ex!

So Mike E and Emma from RNB Fridays Radio caught up with Caitlin from the show and she weighed in on her side of the whole thing, leaving us with some pretty solid hints that she leaves the experiment…

We’re well and truly in the thick of the experiment. The couples have moved in with each other, and Shannon has decided to pop away to give his ex a call…

After Shannon told Caitlin who he was talking to, she revealed to us that she seriously thought about leaving. We don’t blame her though, I mean Shannon literally told her he was still in love with his ex!

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In the photo challenge, shannon ranked her second then downgraded her to third, she was ok with the ranking – they had just met but it was the comments that upset her.

“Other girls are more naturally beautiful, they put more effort into their appearance, you have the potential to level up.” – Shannon, MAFS

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