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Britney Spears Reveals She Was Slapped In The Face In Vegas

*Trigger Warning – Discussion Of Assault*

In some disturbing news, Britney Spears has revealed she was assaulted by a security guard in Las Vegas.

Britney says she approached basketball player Victor Wembanyama when she tapped him on the shoulder to say hi and congratulate him on his success.

The singer then says she was smacked in the face by his security guard, knocking her glasses off her face. Victor spoke about the incident and claims that he was ‘grabbed from behind’ and didn’t know who the person was.

Britney’s Sister Jamie Lynn Speaks Out About Accusations

Britney’s husband Sam Asghari has also spoken out, taking to social media to slam the actions of the security guard.

Witnesses of the event support Britney’s account of what happened but also added she spoke to the NBA player in a British accent and when she was walking away from the incident, screamed out ‘This is f*cking America’.

Regardless, this is a concerning incident and we hope that the appropriate actions are taken. Britney has apparently made a Police report and it’s expected to be investigated further.

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