Abbie Chatfield in Tears Over New Relationship ‘He’s Just the Best’

Get ready for an exclusive inside scoop with Abbie Chatfield’s latest episode on the ‘It’s A Lot’ podcast. The 28-year-old podcast and TV host spills the beans on her love life, revealing: “he’s just the best. He’s really helped me rediscover myself… I’ve always wanted someone who’s as fun as my friends’. Abbie goes on to say that “I cry everyday because of him…”

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in the episode (tap play below to listen!)

  • Abbie talks about how she went from friends to ‘lovers’ journey from friendship to something more.
  • Self-Discovery: What Abbie has learned in the process of splitting up with a former partner and what she discovered about herself during this time
  • Navigating Toxic Relationships: Abbie gives valuable lessons from her experiences on healing and setting boundaries after toxic relationships.

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